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Business Opportunities in Ecuador

With an enviable geographic location and a territory that is bigger than the United Kingdom, Ecuador presents unique opportunities both for trade and investment. 

Not only is Ecuador one of the most megadiverse countries in the world, making it a special spot for tourism, but its geographic and biologic diversity, among others, give Ecuador an exceptional advantage for the production of a great variety of goods, and particularly agricultural products. Additionally, its central and strategic location with easy access to all Latin American markets and the United States makes Ecuador an ideal place to invest. 

If you look at our agricultural potential, there is nearly no product that cannot be grown somewhere in the country. The vegetation varies all over Ecuador, not only between the 4 regions, highlands, coast, Amazon and the Galapagos Islands, but also within each region. Currently over 60 different fruits and 150 species of medicinal plants and aromatic herbs, for example, are being exported. 

But Ecuador is not just an excellent producer of agricultural products; it has also achieved an international reputation for being a reliable supplier of seafood and aquaculture products making it one of the biggest prawn and tuna exporters in the world. 

Other sectors such as the manufacturing industry, the handicraft or jewellery sectors have established a reputation for innovation, superb design and high quality. The software industry has been competing in many areas with the best in Latin America and the world. 

This great export potential is highly correlated with increasing opportunities of foreign direct investment. Political and economic stability as well as a transparent legal framework are a key complement to the very attractive investment opportunities in sectors such as agroindustry, tourism, forestry, fishery, mining and oil.


Great trade experience, exports to the most strict markets and reliability give Ecuadorian exporters an important edge when it comes to trading. Ecuador currently exports to more than 150 countries. Among other things, it is the world’s largest exporter of bananas, fine flavour cocoa and palm hearts. It is the third largest exporter of prawn, canned tuna and tuna loins and the fifth largest exporter of flowers. Many of the products that can usually only be produced during certain seasons, are available in Ecuador all year around.  

Here is a list of the main export products that Ecuador has to offer:


However, if you cannot find the product you are looking for in this list, it does not mean it is not being produced in Ecuador. Therefore, please contact the Trade Office in London and we will do our best to get you suitable information for the product you request. 


Ecuador is located in a privileged position in the middle of Latin America and in the centre of the east coast of the Asia Pacific Basin and is always looking for enthusiastic investors who want to explore different investment opportunities that the country has to offer such as investments in tourism, agribusiness, aquaculture, forestry, mining, oil, clean development projects and services.

With a favourable investment climate, political and economic stability, strengthened by the use of the $US dollar as the official currency, Ecuador has been able to attract new interest in many of its investment areas. Specific emphasis is being given by the state to investments that have social impact, diversify production and add value to exports, help innovation and development of new technologies or are leading towards development of different regions and areas in the country. 

If you are interested in finding out more about investing in Ecuador, please feel free to contact the Trade Office or visit

The Ecuador Trade Office in the United Kingdom:

The Ministry of Foreign Affaires, Trade and Integration and PROECUADOR have established the Ecuador Trade Office at the Embassy of Ecuador in the United Kingdom. The main objective of this office is to promote Ecuadorian exports and attract foreign direct investment.

The office offers a variety of services such as:

Assistance to interested United Kingdom importers by providing any information they may require such as information on products being exported from Ecuador or lists of potential suppliers, among others.

Assistance to Ecuadorian exporters by regularly sending information on the United Kingdom market, establishing trade contacts and opportunities, coordinating trade fairs and trade missions, etc. 

If you would like to know more about business opportunities in Ecuador, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to help you.